Fight terrorism around the world

2013-07-31 09:59:55 admin

Terrorism is no longer a shock to many people all around the world.  Insecurity has increased and people must look for various ways to fight the dangerous practice carried out by merciless people. Terrorism has been there for many years, but there steps to combat it.

There are two main ways to combat terrorist attacks; proactive and reactive measures.   Proactive means preventing and this method is affordable. Reactive measures refer to use of restrictive measures.  See some ways to use proactive measures:

  • Enlightening every member of the society of the negative impact of using dangerous weapons will prevent any bombing that can lead to major destruction. The young people are mostly targeted and lured with large amounts of money.
  • Rules should be set in the society to ensure that each person behaves in the right way. A properly governed society will have a set up that will keep every one walking in the right steps.
  •  The governments should share intelligence the citizens. Secret information can be passed to the right people to help prevent any terrorist attacks.

Reactive Measures

  • Diplomacy means making discussions with other international communities to curb terrorism. If possible there can be a discussion between the governments and terrorist groups, but currently this is impossible.
  • Using force is used when other methods have failed.  This includes sanctions and isolation of countries that support the illegal groups. The military force can also be used to smoke out the terrorist.
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